Nature of Ego & Self


Iteration 18: Nature Of Ego & Self

The nose of the beer is caramelized sugar with slight yeast accent. With a full mouthfeel, the flavor has notes of dried fruit, fig, plum, brown sugar, and just a kiss of noble hops. A hearty, clean lager that's a lighter than most bocks, and has a lingering sweetness.

This piece explores a Magritte inspired design while incorporating a fine distinction of philosophical imagery. The faces serve almost as a split of ego (or by some viewers, perhaps even male and female energy) in us all. The tree is a symbol of growth, development and connection with nature's process.

The only geometric element tying it to the rest of the series is the box. The hexahedron, which represents earth/ground, seems quite subtle but for this reason it can be held as a symbol of personal compartmentalization that we must break out of, much like a seed. It appears like a chunk of flesh, a piece of ourselves from which we separate.

Availability: Limited Time Only


Malt: Weyermann Munich Types 1 & 2 Acidulated
Hops: Hallertau Hersbrucker
Yeast: Czech 34/70 Lager yeast
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 25