Negura Bunget Dark Ale

We present to you the most metal beer ever brewed, our Transylvanian inspired Dark Ale, Negura Bunget! This beer is a dark, roasty dark ale that sits at around 5.25% ABV. The beer is named after Negura Bunget, a black metal band from Romania that brought us amazing albums such as OM and Zi. We paired up with Gabriel Mafa of Negura Bunget as he created this awesome can design and the band planned to play a concert at our brewery during their North American tour. Unfortunately, Gabriel Mafa passed away on March 21, 2017. The concert has been cancelled but the beer we hold dear to our hearts as a tribute to a talented musician lost too soon. 

Availability: Retired


Gabriel 'Negru' Mafa - (1975-2017)