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Texas Golden Bock is a tip of the cap to the original Hill Country dark lager. The color is golden straw, with a pillowy white head. We used non-GMO ground white corn for 20% of the grain bill, providing a light body and a slightly sweet flavor. The nose is light noble hops, and a touch of sulfur. The flavor is sweet corn, offset slightly by the bitterness of roasted barley, and just a kiss of German hops. This is a perfect beer for the hot Texas summer, whether you're floating the river, smoking a brisket, or quenching your thirst after mowing the yard twice a week.
Malt: Two Row Barley, Non-GMO White Corn, Roasted Barley
Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfruh
Yeast: 34/70 lager yeast
ABV: 5.26%
IBU: 18

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